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                                Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission Releases                                     Groundbreaking Human Rights Decision for Persons                  with Intellectual Disabilities

                   That’s one Small Step for Man, one Giant Leap for Mankind?                                                                                    ~ or ~                                                                                                               One Step Forward, Three Steps Sideways?                                                     
Forced to live in a locked unit in a psychiatric hospital for nine years for no good reason.  Despite evidence from multiple government officials and experts that suitable housing and care could have been provided.

                                    Each was confined, against almost all medical advice, for long                                                               periods of time in an acute-care unit of a psychiatric clinic                                            awaiting   a placement in some other care facility,” he wrote.

                                In addition, he found the province knew it should not                                                                           hold people in Emerald Hall who were not mentally ill.

Unfortunately there is a second step to the process that will allow the              Province to argue that the discrimination was justified in accordance with the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act. The second phase is to happen later this year.


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MMC LEGAL SERVICES is in the unique position of being Nova Scotia’s only disability-focused law firm. Located in the beautiful Annapolis Valley, I am pleased to offer legal advice and services to individuals with disabilities and their families throughout Nova Scotia.


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