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Do you have a Will and Henson Trust Arrangements in Place?

Is so, are your arrangements up to date?

Wills, Powers of Attorney, Personal Directives … all things we know we *should* have but often get pushed to the back burner. However, the events in the world today bring them to front of mind.

If you have a loved one with significant special needs and were no longer here, will they be adequately provided and cared for?

Without the specialized wording of the Henson Trust in your Will, the Nova Scotia Department of Community Services will characterize their inheritance as an asset for the purposes of the Disability Support Program, which could disqualify them from any entitlement to benefits.

Although not currently possible to sign Wills remotely in Nova Scotia, I would be happy to discuss estate planning with you so that when the social distancing rules have been eased, we can meet to finalize matters.

The first step if you’d like assistance is to call or email.

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MMC LEGAL SERVICES is in the unique position of being Nova Scotia’s only disability-focused law firm. Located in the beautiful Annapolis Valley, I am pleased to offer legal advice and services to individuals with disabilities and their families throughout Nova Scotia.


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