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About Michelle Morgan-CooleA member of the Nova Scotia Bar since 1991, I am both a lawyer and the parent of two young adults with disabilities. Being able to understand and move within these very different worlds has allowed me to become a strong and effective advocate for the disabled.

I was thrilled to open MMC LEGAL SERVICES (Nova Scotia’s first and only disability-focused law firm) in July, 2014, using the law to assist persons with disabilities and their families.

In addition to my legal practice, I also offer presentations around the Province on various topics of interest to the disability community. My unique perspective is very helpful both when conveying legal information and the inevitable questions that follow.

I am also the author of the legal blawg “A PRIMER ON SPECIAL NEEDS AND THE LAW” and the NOVA SCOTIA LEGAL GUARDIANSHIP KIT.

I am currently in the process creating the successor to the Nova Scotia Legal Guardianship Kit, the “NOVA SCOTIA LEGAL REPRESENTATION KIT to comply with changes to Nova Scotia’s adult guardianship legislation.




Legal Guardianship Kit

Planning for the Future


A Primer on Special Needs and the Law -
A "blawg" dedicated to providing practical advice to assist individuals with special needs and their family members in Nova Scotia with navigating the educational and community services systems.

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