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guardianship girlFamilies who recognize the need to obtain guardianship of an adult family member often have very limited options and face significant obstacles, such as

  • The financial cost generally runs into several thousands of dollar; and
  • The difficulty explaining exactly how their family member’s difficulties impact their daily life

With respect to adult guardianship, I am pleased to now be able to offer Nova Scotia families three options: 

  • Should you choose to retain me to bring a guardianship application, you will experience the additional benefit that comes from retaining counsel who has been a member of the disability community for over 20 years.
  • The purchase of the a do-it-yourself Kit that allows you to bring a guardianship application on your own, without incurring the cost of retaining a lawyer.
  • Combine the cost-savings benefits of the Nova Scotia Legal Guardianship Kit with the knowledge that a disability lawyer is available to you on as needed basis.

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