Serving the
Disability Community

"The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today."
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


I am pleased to have been offering presentations to the disability community in Nova Scotia since 2010.

As a parent of two young adults with special needs, I can both understand and connect with my audience, making my presentations quite unique in that I do more than simply offer specialized legal information. That unique perspective is often helpful in conveying the necessary information and answering the inevitable questions that follow.

Registration for these sessions always fills                   HACL feels that the information that
up quickly with families even traveling                              Michelle has about financial matters     from outside the county for her valuable              
           and legal options for persons with                   insights and information.                                                         intellectual disabilities is essential to                                                                                                                            every family we represent.”                                                                                                                                          ~ Yvette Cherry, Halifax Association
                                                                                                                  for Community Living         

Presentations by Michelle Morgan-Coole

Current Presentations

                          1. Understanding The Legal Options Available to Support                                             An Adult With an Intellectual Disability

2. Protecting Your Family Member’s Financial Future

3. Government Funding That Most Families Leave on the Table

4. Special Education

*Pricing Options*

Whether you’re looking for a single presentation, a half-day session (two presentations) or a full day workshop (three presentations), various pricing options are available to meet the needs of your particular group.
I.    Presentation 1 …………..  $250
II.   Presentation 1&2 ………. $275
III.  Presentation 1&3 ……… $325
IV. Presentation 1&2&3 …… $400

**NOTE: Does not include travel costs
Non-refundable booking fees apply**


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Legal Guardianship Kit

Planning for the Future


A Primer on Special Needs and the Law -
A "blawg" dedicated to providing practical advice to assist individuals with special needs and their family members in Nova Scotia with navigating the educational and community services systems.

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