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Please note that the Nova Scotia Legal Guardianship Kit is currently under reconstruction (and thus not available for purchase at the present time) due to the introduction of new legislation in December, 2017 (the “Adult Capacity and Decision Making Act“).

This new legislation significantly changes the landscape with respect to the legal options available to assist adults with intellectual disabilities in Nova Scotia. Guardianship is no more, having been replaced by “representation”, a much more finely tuned instrument.


Nova Scotia Guardianship Kit


Although there are both positive and negative aspects to the new legislation, it is what it is and I am currently in the process of reconstituting the Kit (complete with “new packaging”) so that it will remain a useful option for families in Nova Scotia.

** This page will be further updated with payment information once the new Kit is ready for purchase.

In 2009, I looked at the options available to families in Nova Scotia who recognized a need to obtain guardianship of their young adult child and I realized, that for many families, there simply weren’t any.

They say you’re either part of the problem or part of the solution. I wanted to be part of the solution. And that is why I created a new option: The Nova Scotia Legal Guardianship Kit.

The Nova Scotia Legal Guardianship Kit will provide you with all the precedent documents required to bring a guardianship application in the Nova Scotia Supreme Court.guardianship girl

But, more importantly, The Nova Scotia Legal Guardianship Kit will provide you with the information you need to properly fill out and tailor those documents so as to accurately represent your unique situation.

In addition, you will be walked through the process to be followed in filing the documents and the actual court appearance, itself.  It will also help you understand your ongoing duties and responsibilities as a guardian.

Before purchasing, I want you to be sure that the Nova Scotia Legal Guardianship Kit is the right choice for your family. For that reason I strongly recommend that you work your way through a few basic questions concerning guardianship and read this additional information about the Kit.

*includes HST and $21.56 for shipping to anywhere in Nova Scotia


I am also pleased to offer you the option of purchasing the Nova Scotia Legal Guardianship Kit and then retaining MMC Legal Services only on an as needed basis; whether it be to assist you with any questions you may have along the way or to simply give you the peace of mind of having the documents reviewed by a lawyer before they are filed with the Court.

Legal Guardianship Kit

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