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WillsThe Importance of having a Proper Will

Too often the estate planning process is put aside because we are uncomfortable discussing our eventual death and the distribution of our assets. It is always easier to put off these thoughts until a later date or when we get older or when we get sick. Unfortunately, that may be too late. This process is important for everyone (no matter their financial situation) but it is crucial to create a proper estate plan if you have a family member with a disability. Here’s why.


Your Loved One with a Disability

Whatever their age, if the portion of your estate transferred to an individual with a disability is not only placed in trust, but in a trust that is properly and precisely worded, that individual risks losing all access to government benefits until that money or other asset is gone. Unfortunately, many families do not realize this.


MMC LEGAL SERVICES is very familiar with the legal requirements necessary to create the type of trust that will not be subject to claw back or result in other unintended interference with funding from the Department of Community Services.

Whether you need your first Will drafted, are looking to amend a previous Will or just want to ensure that your current Will provides the benefits you intend for a family member with a disability, I am here to assist you.

Let me help you to ensure that your assets are properly managed and distributed after your death and your loved one with a disability receives the extra amenities you intend.

Let Me Help.

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