Serving the
Disability Community

The first premise of a coaching model is that you, the client, will continue to do at least  some of the work yourself. My job as a lawyer-coach is to equip you to take the next steps yourself.



This combines legal knowledge with procedural know-how; attention to obscure details that lawyers understand to be important; strategic and savvy advocacy tools (now shared with you); and my experience and understanding of how conflict develops and might be resolved.

Bottom line, legal coaching is essentially just what it sounds like – having a lawyer available to “coach” (teach, show, assist) you with everything from preparing, filing and serving documents; presenting yourself in court; courtroom advocacy and managing conflict and still getting what you want.

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Planning for the Future


A Primer on Special Needs and the Law -
A "blawg" dedicated to providing practical advice to assist individuals with special needs and their family members in Nova Scotia with navigating the educational and community services systems.